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Music is sacred to me because it was the first conscious window I found into the vastness and permanence of our spiritual reality. Peace and joy lie at the center of us all, and music can act as a powerful key to open the door to this vast inner world – the loving Source of our existence.

It is my clear path in life to create music that has the ability to awaken and deepen the conscious connection to this Source. The power of this connection to influence our lives for the better is limitless.

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Ludvig Cimbrelius

∞ Eternell – Music as a doorway to the Eternal –

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– Music as a doorway to the Eternal –

Welcome. My name is Ludvig Cimbrelius and I have been in love with music since I was a young child. Music is a language capable of expressing some of the vast depths of inner beauty that resides within us all. My deepest wish in extending my music is that it helps you find resonance with the eternal peace and love that is the essence of who you are.

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